Hot Off the Press: Traditional Kungfu Trio by Jack Yan

This book6989 has been in the works for many years. All three routines were “published” in different forms and shapes. When I first began teaching in Canada in 1988, I had no access to a computer or a typewriter. The very first written version was actually written manually. Most students manually copied their own copies. A few spent a small fortune Xeroxed their own copy. In early 90s, I purchased my first state of the art 386 personal computer with 1MB of Ram and a 10MB hard drive. I was able to create the first digital copy in DOS text editor. What a luxury that was to be able to cut and paste! This version is a recompilation of a previous published three separate booklets with professional quality digital photos and typeset formatting. I also had great help from a group of friends.

This book fulfilled my two childhood dreams – practicing Kungfu and writing a book – in one shot. The three routines do not belong to the same martial arts system, yet they complement each other perfectly. The book serves as a general guide. My hope is to add the basic training parts in the next version for each routine making it a complete training manual for people who are interested in self-learning. In the meanwhile, those who are just starting out to learn Kungfu can take a number of moves out of the routine and practice them individually to build a basic foundation for Kungfu.

The Tong Bei Quan routine in this book is a simplified 36 moves routine serving as an introduction to the Tong Bei System. It includes moves that cover all five categories – namely Shuai (摔), Pai (拍), Chuan (穿), Pi (劈) and Zuan (钻). For those who don’t attend my classes make sure to read the instructions especially the key points. The Whip-Stick routine is quite long and can be confusing. Don’t be discouraged if you have a hard time following the moves. Take the move one step at a time and pay attention to how the hands are holding the stick. You will find that the postures, moves and applications are really spectacular. The Eight Immortals Sword as its name implies is really out of this world. I like this routine because the postures and moves are really beautiful. Besides liking the beautiful postures and moves, the spirit of the Eight Immortals is also inspiring. In my years of teaching, I find it quite interesting that most students are women though the vast majority of the eight immortals are supposedly male. Don’t let the elegant moves fool you. The applications are also very real and can be extremely effective. Regardless of whether you are practicing them for fun, health or self-defense purposes, you will find that all three routines are great. Enjoy!

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