TNT? Taichi & Tongbei

That’s right! TNT stands for Taichi and Tongbei. These are the two systems I specialized in for the last 35 years. Taichi is a more close-range fighting system while Tongbei is a distance fighting system. Both systems follow the principles of the Balance of Softness and Solidness. The predominant training style of Taichi is slow motion with sustained internal qi; and the typical training style of Tongbei is its lightning speed. While we say Taichi training is mainly slow motion, that is at the beginners’ level. Complete Taichi training is supposed to be done in both slow and fast motions. Look at the explosive strikes in Chen’s Taichi. In order to generate tremendous explosive power, the moves are done at extremely high speed. To get the full benefit of Taichi training, be persistent and progress to advanced levels. On the other hand, to perform a proper Tongbei move, the movement also needs to be done slowly at the beginning. I found that the two systems complement each other. Now the question is why train in both systems? The most obvious answer would be the enjoyment of two distinct styles. But the real reason is the approaches of the two systems – Taichi is a defensive system and Tongbei is an offensive system. Taichi is conservative and reserved. Most strikes are implied and held back to retain the potential. Tongbei is aggressive and unreserved. In combat, it’s a go to the very end. With the two seemingly opposite systems, we provide classes that can meet the needs of all who are interested in martial arts.

So, TNT Kung Fu School is Taichi & Tongbei Kung Fu School. We have many different classes, but we basically do two things here: Taichi & Tongbei. We start our Taichi students with the short 18 Essential Forms Routines and bring them all the way through the system with traditional hand form routines, short and long, single and double weapons, as well as push hands and combat sparring. We start our Tongbei students with the Dan Cao (Single Combinations). All Dan Cao are practiced in interactive drills, in other words, students would learn a move and use it in sparring from the get-go. They will learn a 36 Moves Routine at the same time. At advanced levels, Tongbei students will also learn various hand form routines and weapons routines.

We are not only TNT. Now you may ask, what’s the deal with the Grade Kungfu? Our Grade Kungfu system is designed scientifically based on  traditional martial arts training concepts. We start the students with Traditional Tan Tui (12 Routines) and basic physical conditioning training in flexibility, speed and power. As students progress, they will learn various hand and weapon routines in Long Fists and other traditional styles. At advanced levels, students will make the decision to branch into Taichi or/and Tongbei. Many students do both.

Two special classes are also offered. They are Combat Kung Fu and Conditioning. As the names suggest, in Combat Kung Fu it’s all hands-on combat training. Students must be 13 years or older to take this class. It’s physical and practical. Students will be punched, tossed and kicked. The conditioning class is a high impact training session that runs a full hour of continuous physical training. The drills are very high impact. We try our best to make them safe. Students must be prepared to work hard non-stop for the full hour. The good news is that such high impact training is normally only required once every week. Don’t get scared if you don’t think you are tough enough. We do have a scientific approach to ramp you up physically. That’s why our students in their 70’s can do over 100 push-ups during the class.


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