Tong Bei Grand Master from China

Two Handed Sword workshop – Nov 12 – Dec 17 on Wednesday from 8 pm – 10 pm.

Fee: $240 for all six sessions. HST included.

Two Handed Sword is a long blade and long handle sword. It is a combative weapon popular in China as well as in Europe. Search for the term “Two Handed Sword” on-line and you will find tons of footage with drills and sparring exercises. Don’t miss this rare opportunity. Space is very limited. Call 416-994-3949 to sign up now!

Grand Master Liu Shuwei is a 4th generation grand master of the Five Elements Tong Bei. His style of teaching is detailed, precise and clear. As a well-known master in China, he has been active in the Chinese Martial Arts circle and has been touring China for the last few decades teaching.

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