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考級功夫 There are 9 grades to keep you challenged! From beginner to master level, you will improve in power, speed, flexibility, coordination, self-defence skills and most importantly the overall physical and mental fitness development. Levels from 1 to 3 will focus mainly on the Long Fist techniques and routines. Advanced techniques and routines from Tongbei and Taichi will be introduced and worked on in Levels 4 to 6. In Levels 7 to 9, students will be specialized in a system on a personal basis.

Note to Long Fist: The term Long Fist used to refer to a number of systems in ancient times. The Long Fist today is referring to a newly developed wushu training system commissioned by the Chinese government  It is a subset (or super set) of a few traditional systems – namely Cha Quan (查拳), Hua Quan (華拳), Pao Chui (炮捶), Hong Quan (紅拳), Tan Tui (彈腿) and Shao Lin (少林拳). The system is developed specifically for standardized wushu education. It is great for beginners to develop a solid foundation for advanced martial arts training. Most practitioners will continue to advance into specific systems such as Cha Quan (查拳), Hua Quan (華拳), Pao Chui (炮捶), Hong Quan (紅拳), Tan Tui (彈腿), Shao Lin (少林拳), Nan Quan (南拳), Tai Chi (太極拳), Tong Bei (通背拳), etc…. At TNT Kung Fu School, we specilize in Tai Chi and Tong Bei. Therefore, advanced students will be advanced to Tai Chi and/or Tong Bei.

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