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All TNT Classes are conducted online.
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Below are links to free of charge public classes. Enjoy!
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(Public) TNT Kungfu Beginners

Wednesday: 7:00-7:20 pm
(Public) Yang’s Taichi Beginners

Wednesday: 9:30-9:50 pm
(Public) Five Elements
Tongbei Beginners

Saturday: 3:00-3:20 pm
(Public) Whipstick Beginners

Saturday: 3:30-3:50 pm
(Public) Old Frame One Beginners

Hello All,

In the wake of the outbreak of the COVID-19 corona virus in Canada and US, classes at TNT Kungfu School will be cancelled for three weeks from Friday March 13. We think it’s a responsible thing to do for the sake of everyone’s health and well-being. I hope all of you will understand and be cooperative. The school will honour your paid membership and extend your membership by one month. It is a financial hit I’m willing to take.

In the absence of the on-site classes, I would provide some on-line courses via live-streaming. The live-streaming class schedule will be posted on www.tntkungfu.com. The classes are open to all free of charge. So if any of your family members or friends would like to partake the classes, they are welcome. I’m hoping the on-line classes will provide some guidelines for exercises at home to keep you fit and boost your immune system. Let’s all stay active to fight the corona virus.

Please check back on www.tntkungfu.com for any updates as well as when classes will resume.

All the best. Stay safe and well! I would like to see you (no you see me) on-line at www.tntkungfu.com.

Jack Yan

TNT Kung Fu School has been providing traditional Chinese martial arts classes in the GTA for over 20 years since 1993. We are located near the intersection of Yonge and Major Machenzie in Richmond Hill. Our classes are in the following main three categories:


Tai Chi

mmexport1436458912900Master Jack Yan is an in-chamber disciple of Grand Master Chen Zhenglei. He holds a Ph. D in Chinese Martial Arts and ranks at 7th Duan with Chinese National Wushu Association. Master Jack Yan and his selected certified team of instructors are offering classes in all Chen’s Taichi from beginners to masters levels. Check out the Programs and Schedule pages for details.

Tong Bei

tongbei posture

Master Jack Yan also specializes in Five Elements Tong Bei. He studied Tong Bei from three teachers. Five Element Tong Bei is a practical combative martial arts system. There are five main categories of applications: Snap, Pat, Pierce and Punch coincide with the five elements are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. At TNT, we teach Tong Bei conditioning, sparring and routines.

Kung Fu

kung fu postureAt TNT, we offer 9 Grades with 5 Sashes with our Grade Kung Fu System. The Grade Kung Fu System includes Long Fist hand & weapon routines. The focus is on developing the students’ physical fitness in flexibility, speed, power and coordination. We also offer traditional kung fu training with self-defense, conditioning class as well as combat kung fu.

We are a great team. We are proud of our success and we are committed to continue providing highest quality lessons in Taichi, Tongbei and Grade Kung Fu. Our school is a designated training facility in Grand Master Chen Zhenglei’s international taichi network. We offer classes in the complete Chen’s Taichi System including all hand routines, weapon routines, push-hands and sparring.

TNT Kung Fu School’s Tongbei system is the Five Elements Tongbei. Five Elements Tongbei is a great system for health, fitness and self-defense. It’s fast paced with beautiful and practical moves.

The Grade Kung Fu system at TNT focuses on the balanced development of the practitioners mental and physical conditions. Classes are designed to improve the students’ flexibility, coordination, strength, mental control as well as the ability for effective self-defense. We have students of all ages and our system is proven to work for all. The system consists of 9 Grades with 5 Sash Levels. Learn at your own pace. Jack Yan has a Ph. D degree in Martial Arts Education. You can tell the difference when Kung Fu is taught at this level.

We have a long history. Our first location opened in 1988 in London Ontario, then we were in Toronto East China Town in the early 90s. Now we are in Richmond Hill at our brand newly renovated fully air conditioned facility. Give us a visit at 120 Newkirk Road, Unit 2 & 3, ON L4C 9S7. Our phone number is: 416-994-3949.