2024 Light of Taichi Summer Camp

“Light of Taichi” Grand Master Chen Zhenglei 2024 USA Summer Camps – Yes Two!!!!

Grand Master Chen Zhenglei “Light of Taichi” July 2024
West Coast Las Vegas and East Coast Maryland

西海岸拉斯维加斯 & 东海岸马里兰

In both summer camps, Grand Master Chen will lead his instructor team to provide hands-on in-person intensive training to participants. There are three classes:
  1. Old Frame One – detailed explanations of the postures and moves with hands-on intensive training.
老架一路 — 详细讲解拳架和动作,并进行强化训练。

2. New Frame One – detailed explanations by Grand Master Chen Zhenglei. Great for first time learners as well as veterans who need to verify the details. Prepare to be surprised by the fine details.
新架一路 — 陈正雷宗师详细讲解,非常适合初学新架和需要精研细节的学员。精细的对动作的分析和讲解会给您带来格外的惊喜。

3. Push-hands – hands-on push-hands workshops to improve your push-hands skills. Great physical training. Prepare to sweat. Bring extra shirts and muscle pain balms.
推手 — 推手实践讲习班,提高你的推手技能。很棒的体能训练。做好出汗的准备,多带几件衬衫和肌肉止痛药。   Free to attend: Expert technical and cultural seminars by elite instructors and experts.

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