Chen’s Taichi Old Frame One

Chen’s Taichi Old Frame One

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This section introduces the Old Frame Routine One. Its main characteristics are: well extended postures, steady and nimble footwork, natural and centered torso position. The focus is on using the internal qi (气) to lead the whole body. The core training is on the spiral rotation using the waist as the main control and the connection to all other sections. When in motion, the whole body moves; when in stillness, the whole body rests. Move the body like floating clouds and flowing water, continuous without pause. Exert explosive power in a relaxed and elastic spring fashion with the whole body coordinated as a complete unit.

I highly suggest you to take the classes by sequence. Spend enough time to learn the contents of each class before moving to the next one. However, don’t expect to do all the moves perfectly. It takes time for your body to adapt to the requirements of Taichi. Be patient and persistent. The real enjoyment and achievement of doing Taichi is in the doing of Taichi.

Old Frame One Level One:

Old Frame One Level Two:
Old Frame One Level Three:
Old Frame One Level Four:
Old Frame One Level Five: