Jack Yan on Chinese Culture & Wushu

Jack Yan – here is some shameless self promotion:

Some of you might have attended wushu events where I translated for speakers and some of you might have read the books I translated. Some of you might have attended my classes. If you haven’t, I’m hoping you can get to know me and benefit from my translation and/or my opinions in Chinese culture and wushu.

I have a unique combination of training and experience. When I was young, I had a keen interest in learning about traditional Chinese culture; so I learned a bit brush printing, calligraphy, playing many kinds of Chinese music instruments, classic books in ancient Chinese and of course Wushu. The interest in learning about traditional Chinese culture have stayed with me till now and I’m planning to keep it to the end.  My university educations were in Wushu, English language/Literature and Political Science – Ph. D. in Wushu, Master Degree in English and Master Degree in Political Science (area of study in Yin/Yang and Five Elements).

I hope this online talk-show on Chinese Culture and Wushu can bridge the gap in understanding Chinese Culture and provide some insight to learning Wushu. The contents will be a hybrid of translated materials and my personal humble opinions. Let me know if you have any specific topics you’d like me to cover. Oh yes, the photo was taken a few years ago!

Download the Dao De Jing English Versions Here