Sign up to take weekly free of charge classes. Even if you are not subscribing to more programs, please sign up as a Basic Free of Charge member in order to take the weekly free of charge classes. You can upgrade to a paid membership later. I teach two online tracks – Taichi and Kungfu.

  1. Taichi Track: Chen’s Taichi Old Frame, New Frame, Sabre, Sword, Push-hands, and Yang’s Taichi 85 Forms Routine
  2. Kungfu Track: Foundation, Tan Tui, Tongbei, Sabre, Whipstick and Conditioning
  • Fee for 1 track (USD): $500 yearly
  • Fee for 2 tracks (USD): $750 yearly

After registration, please send me an email and let me know which track you would take. I will give you the payment instructions. After the payment is cleared, I will activate your membership so you can access the appropriate classes.

Level Price  
Basic Free of Charge Free. Select

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