• FREE membership to access many free of charge pre-recorded classes!
  • Full Access to All Live On-line Classes and Recorded Classes $650 (USD) yearly.
    Access live on-line classes from the Schedule. There are over a thousand recorded classes. Each recorded class is 50 minutes long. New classes are still being offered and recorded. The video will be added to the website.

Our programs are offered in a hybrid style – in-person and on-line. We have students from around the world taking classes via the on-line platform. Our studio is designed for the best in-person ans on-line experience. Check it out on your own.

By subscribe to the Free of Charge membership, you will gain access to all free of charge classes. For paid subscription, you can pay to ( via Paypal or eTransfer (in Canada only). After you make the payment, please send me an email (  with the receipt. I will activate your membership so you can access all the on-line classes.

We strive to provide the most complete Chinese health, fitness and self-defense programs at the highest possible quality. All classes are taught by highly qualified certified instructors. Students are assessed on a personal basis and each student is encouraged to improve on his/her own pace. We don’t hold any students back or push any students beyond their tolerance. Ensuring safety is our highest priority. Please check with the administration office regarding safety. Each student is required to consult his/her physician to make sure that the exercises are suitable for him/her. By subscribing to the Free of Charge or Paid Program, you concent to release all responsibility from all our instructors as well as our school. Click the links to access our program page: TNT Programs.

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