All TNT beginner classes are free of charge!

Beginner classes are typically composed of 10 lessons. Each lesson is 20 minutes long for better focus. Start from Lesson One. Once you fully mastered the contents, move to the next lesson. Normally, one lesson takes a week to learn and achieve proficiency if you train everyday. After you complete the beginners’ level, you can move on to the intermediate level. You will need to sign up with a Free of Charge Basic membership to see the lessons. Intermediate level lessons are 50 minutes long. The first two lessons are free of charge for you to try. At the end of the second lesson if you wish to continue, a membership fee will apply.

Click the link in the table to access the classes. Greyed out items are coming soon.

Full Body Warm UPChen's Taichi Yang Sheng GongChen's Taichi Old Frame OneChen's Taichi Old Frame Two
Chen's Taichi New Frame OneChen's Taichi New Frame TwoChen's Taichi Push HandsChen's Taichi Single Sword
Chen's Taichi Double SwordChen's Taichi Single SabreChen's Taichi Double SabreChen's Taichi Double Baton
Chen's Taichi Spear
Chen's Taichi Spring & Autumn DadaoYang's TaichiFive Elements Tongbei
Twelve Routines Tan TuiTraditional WhipstickEight Immortals SwordPhysical Conditioning


Chen’s Taichi Old Frame One
Chen’s Taichi Old Frame Two
Chen’s Taichi New Frame One
Chen’s Taichi New Frame Two
Chen’s Taichi Push Hands
Chen’s Taichi Single Sword
Chen’s Taichi Double Sword
Chen’s Taichi Single Sabre
Chen’s Taichi Double Sabre
Chen’s Taichi Double Baton
Chen’s Taichi Spear
Chen’s Taichi Spring & Autumn Dadao
Yang’s Taichi
Five Elements Tongbei
Twelve Routines Tan Tui
Eight Immortals Sword
Physical Conditioning