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考級功夫 There are 9 grades to keep you challenged! From beginner to master level, you will improve in power, speed, flexibility, coordination, self-defence skills and most importantly the overall physical and mental fitness development. Levels from 1 to 3 will focus mainly on the Long Fist techniques and routines. Advanced techniques and routines from Tongbei and Taichi will be introduced and worked on in Levels 4 to 6. In Levels 7 to 9, students will be specialized in a system on a personal basis.



TNT Kungfu Grading System



Basics Training 基本功
1 Front Leg Stretch 正壓/搬腿
1 Side Leg Stretch 側壓/搬腿
1 Back Leg Stretch 反壓腿
1 Bow Stance 弓步
1 Horse Stance 馬步
1 Resting Stance 歇步
1 Falling Stance 仆步
1 Empty Stance 虛步
1 Punches 衝拳
1 Palm Strikes 掌法
1 Front Stretch Kick 正踢腿
1 Back Stretch Kick 倒踢腿
1 Front Snap Toe Kick 彈腿
1 Front Heel Kick 前蹬脚
1 Forward Jump 前跳
1 Upward Jump 上跳
1 Spinning Jump 轉身跳
1 Extended Folding Sit Up 仰卧起坐
1 Front Roll 前滾翻
1 Back Roll 後滾翻
Routines 套路
1 Tantui Routine 1-6 潭腿1-6路

LEVEL TWO (Green Sash – Wood) 

 Basics Training 基本功
2 Waist Twist 涮腰
2 Arm Swing Rotation 摇臂
2 Cross Stance 插步
2 Sitting Stance 坐盤
2 T Stance 丁步
2 Lift Knee Balance 提膝平衡
2 Explore the Sea Balance 探海平衡
2 Side Stretch Kick 側踢
2 Cross Kick 十字腿
2 Folding Kick 裡合腿
2 Lotus Kick 外擺腿
2 Single Flying Kick 单拍脚
2 Side Heel Kick 側踹
2 Double Arm Push Up 雙臂俯臥撐
Routines 套路
2 Tantui Routine 7-12 潭腿7-12路

LEVEL THREE (Red Sash – Fire) 

Basics Training 基本功
3 Forward Sliding Step 前滑步
3 Backward Sliding Step 後滑步
3 Forward Skip 激步
3 Knee Locking Balance 扣腿平衡
3 Bird Balance 燕式平衡
3 Frog Jump 蛙跳
3 Jump Flying Kick 二起腳
3 Jumping Lotus Kick 腾空摆莲
3 Tornado Kick 旋风脚
3 Butterfly Kick 旋子
3 Forward Sweep 前掃腿
3 Backward Sweep 後掃腿
3 V Front Sit-Up 两头起(正)
3 Cross Sit-Up 仰卧起坐(对向)
3 Kick-up 鲤鱼打挺
Sparring Drill 對練
3 Basic Sparring Exercises Combinations 基本对练组合
Routines 套路
3 Tantui Routine 1-12 潭腿1-12路
3 Fanzi Boxing 番子拳
3 Sabre Routine (1-2 Sections) 刀术套路 (1-2节)

LEVEL FOUR (Brown Sash – Earth) 

Training 基本功
4 Kungfu Physical Conditioning 功力训练
Sparring Drill 對練
4 Interactive Combinations 对练组合
Routines 套路
4 Sabre Routine (3-4 Sections) 刀术套路(3-4节)
4 Traditional Whipstick Essential Forms 传统鞭杆精要套路

LEVEL FIVE (Gold Sash – Metal)

Basic Training 基本功
5 Kungfu Physical Conditioning 功力训练
Sparring Drill 對練
5 Interactive Combinations 对练组合
5 Tantui Fighting Set 潭腿对练
 Routines 套路
5 Cannon Fist 炮锤
5 Whipstick 6th Duan 六段鞭杆
5 Eight Immortals Sword Essential Forms 八仙剑精要套路

LEVEL SIX (Black Sash – Water)

Basics Training   基本功
6 Kungfu Physical Conditioning 功力训练
Sparring Drill 對練
6 Whipstick 6th Duan Sparring Routine 六段鞭杆对练套路
Routines 套路
6 Traditional Staff Essential Forms 传统棍术精要套路
6 Traditional Spear Essential Forms 传统枪术精要套路

LEVEL SEVEN (One-Star Black Sash)

Certified Junior Instructor

Basics Training Teaching Standard 基本功教学规范
7 Level 1 to 2 Training Requirement 一至二级基本功
Routines Teaching Standard 套路教学规范
7 Level 1 to 2 Routines 一至二级套路
Applications Teaching Standard 实用技术教学规范
7 Level 1 to 2 Application Requirement 一至二级实用技术
Routines 套路
7 Self-Select Advanced Routine One 自选高级套路之一
Theories 理论
7 Chinese Martial Arts Theories (Part One) 武术理论 (一)

LEVEL EIGHT (Two-Star Black Sash)

Certified Senior Instructor

Basics Training Teaching Standard 基本功教学规范
8 Level 3 to 4 Training Requirement 三至四级基本功
Routines Teaching Standard 套路教学规范
8 Level 3 to 4 Routines 三至四级套路
Applications Teaching Standard 实用技术教学规范
8 Level 3 to 4 Application Requirement 三至四级实用技术
Routines 套路
8 Self-Select Advanced Routine Two 自选高级套路之二
Theories 理论
8 Chinese Martial Arts Theories (Part Two) 武术理论 (二)

LEVEL NINE (Three-Star Black Sash)

Certified Master Instructor

Basics Training Teaching Standard 基本功教学规范
9 Level 5 to 6 Training Requirement 五至六级基本功
Routines Teaching Standard 套路教学规范
9 Level 5 to 6 Routines 五至六级套路
Applications Teaching Standard 实用技术教学规范
9 Level 5 to 6 Application Requirement 五至六级实用技术
Routines 套路
9 Self-Select Advanced Routine Three 自选高级套路之三
Theories 理论
9 Chinese Martial Arts Theories (Part Three) 武术理论 (三)