TNT Kung Fu

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TNT Kung Fu classes are composed of physical conditioning, traditional routine training and self-defense application training. You will improve in power, speed, flexibility, coordination, self-defense skills and most importantly the overall physical and mental fitness development. At the beginning level, the goal is to get the students to get physically and mentally prepared for further training. The intermediate level focuses conditioning and routine training in order to develop the higher level of power, speed and coordination required for martial arts. With persistent intensive training one can move to the advanced level training. Besides continuing the training the contents covered in the intermediate level, the advanced level will cover self-defense techniques. Typically at the advanced level, the students will train with personalized techniques and hands-on sparring.

  1. Fundamental Conditioning:warmups, stretches, kicks, jumps, stances…
  2. Twelve Routine Tantui (十二路谭腿):This set of Kungfu routines focus on building great postures, basic strikes, kicks. Besides the postures and applications, the most noticeable  benefit is the explosive power and endurance.
  3. Five Elements Tongbei – Yi Zi Liang Ji (一字连击): This short routine is from the Five Elements Tongbei system. With the accompanying Tongbei drills, it will help to relax the whole body. Better relaxation will lead to more explosive power. 
  4. Whipstick (鞭杆): This is a short routine extracted from the traditional Whipstick routine at TNT. Whipstick is a practical weapon. This will prepare the students for more complicated weapon training.