(Public) TNT Kungfu Beginners

TNT Kungfu Program is based on a series of Traditional Kungfu training systems. From beginner to master level, you will improve in power, speed, flexibility, coordination, self-defence skills and most importantly the overall physical and mental fitness development. The Beginners’ Level will focus mainly on improving your basic physical condition for future higher level training. The contents are warmups, flexibility stretching, basic strength practice and a short routine. The intermediate and advanced level will be focusing on more martial arts techniques and routines from. The three main systems you can select to focus on are: Tantui, Tongbei and Taichi.

  • Follow the sequence of the classes
  • Practice the contents of each class daily for a whole week
  • Only move to the next class when you have mastered the contents
  • Make sure to warm up before each training session
  • When you finish all ten classes, they the intermediate classes