Five Elements Tongbei


Traditional Tongbei Quan 36 Essential Moves
1. Preparation
2. Turn and Show Hand
3. Thrust Palm and Piercing Punch
4. Snap,Pat and Double Swing Palm
5. Pat and Punch
6. Open Hand Chop
7. Double Snap and Chop
8. Circular Snap
9. Chop, Double Snap, Pat and Punch
10. Turn and Stretch the Shoulder
11. Slanting Step with Punch
12. Skip Step with Piece and Punch
13. Turn and Downward Sweep
14. Upright Chop
15. Moving Step Chop
16. Turn and Chopping Snap
17. Double Snap and Chop
18. Double Circular Chop
19. Left and Right Chop and Snap
20. Double Snap, Lift the Knee and Palm Stump
21. Kneeling Stance Punch
22. Bow Stance Double Push
23. Turn and Punch
24. Step Back with Blocking Kick
25. Step Up with Spring Kick
26. Step Up and Push with Both Palms
27. Step Up and Lift with Both Palms
28. Step Up and Pierce with Both Palms
29. Slanting Side Kick
30. Turn and Extend the Claw
31. Pat and Punch
32. Six-Move Combination – Left and Right
33. Grab and Punch – Left and Right
34. Snap, Pat and Punch – Left and Right
35. Turn and Show Hand
36. Closing Posture