Traditional Whipstick


Whip Stick List of Movements

1. Preparation Posture
2. Carry The Whip On Empty Stance
3. Strikes To The Ears
4. Ankle Sweep On A Bow Stance
5. Lift And Chop
6. Side Strike
7. Flip And Press
8. Block On Empty Stance
9. Horizontal Jab To The Left And Right
10. Lift The Knee And Downward Block
11. Flip The Body And Overhead Strike
12. Lift And Chop
13. Side Strike
14. Flip And Press
15. Horizontal Sweep And Shake
16. Groin Sweep On Bow Stance
17. Downward Block On Cross-Leg Stance
18. Lift The Knee And Side Block
19. Straight Pierce On Bow Stance
20. Turn Around And Block On Empty Stance
21. Jab With The Handle On Twisted Stance
22. Left Diagonal Cross Chop
23. Right Diagonal Cross Chop
24. Lift Strike, Stamp Kick And Chopping Jab
25. Carry The Whip On The Back On Right Bow Stance
26. Carry The Whip On The Back On Left Bow Stance
27. Turn Around And Sweep To The Leg
28. Flip The Arm And Strike To The Head
29. Seal The Left And Close The Right
30. Side Jab On Cat Stance
31. Step Forward And Upward Jab
32. Carry The Whip On The Back On Empty Stance
33. Forward Whipping On Bow Stance
34. Carry The Whip On The Side On Bow Stance
35. Downward Block On Falling Stance
36. Lift The Whip And Downward Block37. Skip Forward And Chop
38. Strike From The Hips
39. Forward Step And Downward Jab
40. Horizontal Jab On Horse Stance
41. Pierce To The Left On Bow Stance
42. Step Forward And Uplift Strike
43. Lift The Knee And Downward Block
44. Circular Sweep And Chop Across The Waist
45. Right Block And Left Press
46. Right Press And Left Strike
47. Lean Back And Snap Kick To The Side
48. Lift The Knee And Backward Jab
49. Carry The Whip On The Back On Left Empty Stance
50. Diagonal Chop On Resting Stance
51. Turn And Press The Elbow
52. Overhead Strike On Bow Stance
53. Turn Around And Jab To The Heart
54. Tap To The Throat On Cat Stance
55. Curled Steps Followed By Circular Sweep
56. Lift The Knee And Strike To The Back Of The Head
57. Downward Block On Cross-Leg Stance
58. Swing The Whip And Set On Resting Stance
59. Forward Pierce On Bow Stance
60. Jab To The Right And Stamp Kick To The Left
61. Low Sweep On Horse Stance
62. Swinging Chop On Cross-Leg Stance
63. Backward Swing Kick And Backward Whip Swing
64. Carry The Stick And Push On Empty Stance
65. Horizontal Sweeps Left And Right
66. Carry The Whip On The Side
67. Hold The Whip On Attention Stance